Excet’s Task Management and Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) process, summarized below, will ensure that the principles of the Excet Quality System are strictly followed by the Excet management, technical personnel, and subcontractors.

Quality Reviewer 

The Quality Reviewer will always be an experienced member of the staff, and will exercise an oversight role to insure that the Quality Control Procedures described in this plan are strictly followed.  The Quality Reviewer will keep the Program Manager (PM) apprised of the Quality Control activities being carried out during task execution, and whether or not corrective actions need to be taken to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

Program Manager

The PM will develop a Detailed Management Plan.  The Management Plan detail will vary with the scope of the task and our working relationship with the customer, but will generally reflect the mutually agreed upon task scope, deliverables, schedule, quality checks, and cost.  The extent of the Management Plan will be determined by those responsible for the task:

  • Work scope for each task will be precisely defined, so that each individual assigned to perform the task understands exactly what is to be produced, and to what level of detail.
  • If the task requires effort on the part of a subcontractor, the PM will scope the subcontractor effort, establish schedule and budget.  Upon obtaining an agreement from the subcontractor, a purchase order (generally fixed price) will be issued to initiate the subcontractor work.
  • Workflow and deliverables will be determined based upon the work scope.
  • Schedule will be precisely defined, in terms of the workflow and deliverables.
  • Personnel to perform each task will be selected, and assigned work schedules based on the workflow, deliverables, and schedule discussed above.
  • The standard procedures and tools required to perform the task will be identified.
  • Itemized budgets will be established for each task.  This information will be submitted to Excet Finance to open an account, or job number, for the task.
  • Quality checks will be identified for each deliverable.

Quality Control Procedures

QC is not deferred until the completion of deliverables, but is an ongoing procedure that begins before the task in the form of inputs to the Management Plan, and continues during the working level personnel involvement which leads up to completion of the deliverables.

QC in Task Management Plan

The Management Plan will be prepared and signed by the Task Leader and also signed by the Quality Reviewer.  The Quality Reviewer will ensure that:

  • Adequate quality checks are incorporated.
  • Correct standards and methodologies have been identified for guiding the work itself.
  • Excet’s approach to the work effort has been discussed with the customer, and customer feedback has been incorporated into the Management Plan.

QC During Task Execution

The Quality Reviewer will perform the quality checks identified in the Management Plan to ensure:

  • Work is being performed using the correct standards and methodologies, which will lead to acceptable deliverables.
  • The task schedule is being followed.
  • Expenditures remain within prescribed limits.

The Quality Reviewer will provide a written report summarizing the results of his Management Plan quality check to the PM, with copies to the Contract files.  The Quality Reviewer will also briefly and periodically check with those individuals who are performing the task to confirm that they are adequately addressing the quality issues related to doing the work itself, by using the correct standards and methodologies, and are remaining on schedule and within budget.

Quality Assurance Procedures

In accordance with the Excet Quality System, Quality Assurance (QA) will ensure that the Quality Control process is carried out properly and efficiently, that feedback calling for process change is collected, and that the necessary process changes are implemented.

The Excet Quality System, and in particular the QC procedures discussed in the previous section, must be sufficient to meet company objectives.  If the established QC procedures are found to be deficient, the QA procedures will lead to ways to remedy the deficiency.

Both internal and external feedback is necessary to assure that the Excet Quality System is working as intended.  Internal feedback will come from assigned team personnel, including the workers on a particular task and management personnel such as the PM and Quality Reviewer.  External feedback will be sought from the client and client representatives who are requesting products or services including client headquarters and field personnel.