Excet, Inc. performs research and development in various specific areas of biotechnology.  Our primary mission in biotechnology is to conduct basic and applied research efforts and leverage cutting-edge science to support the U.S. warfighter in the fields of Biological Detection, Genomics & Bioinformatics and Decontamination.


Excet scientists offer critical expertise in the use and development of biological agent molecular recognition elements, ranging from traditional hybridoma production to emerging combinatorial ligand technologies. Our scientists actively conduct research on novel small molecule inhibitors of bacterial pathogenesis with application as potential therapeutics. Excet scientists also coordinate wide-ranging research work on biological toxin characterization and have recently developed a novel detection assay for discriminating active ricin toxin activity using fielded fluorescent detection platforms (provisional patent submitted in 2010). Excet employees serve as subject matter experts in biological detection, directly supporting the Critical Reagents Program, and offer extensive technical laboratory experience and skills suitable to a variety of basic


Excet scientists offer experience and guidance with bacterial pathogen genome sequencing and characterization using various next-generation sequencing technologies. Our capabilities and experience expand beyond shotgun sequencing to include sequence finishing and transcriptomics, utilizinga tailored bioinformatics pipeline.  In addition to bioinformatic analyses of genomic data generated at ECBC, Excet researchers provide assistance from initial sample acquisition, sample preparation, sample sequencing, DNA assembly and genome finishing.