Excet has been using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) systems to control instrumentation and collect data in industrial hazardous and chemical warfare environments since 2005. We have developed and used these systems to control, monitor, and collect data for chemical warfare agent mask tests, chemical improvised explosive tests, and for area displacement confinement devices. We use PAC Project or LabVIEW software to create programs for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. The programs were developed using basic flowcharting techniques and some simple scripting. Excet has experience designing test environments for chemical and biological studies across multiple disciplines. Design considerations included environment controls consisting of airflow, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Devices to collect concentration data have consisted of bubblers, cascade impactors, particle counters, video monitoring, or other technologies depending on the requirements of the tests. The system was designed for longevity, but allows for ease of replacement of failed or degraded components. Excet has developed SOPs to document calibration, runtime procedures, detailing the establishment of a baseline between tests, and the proper procedures for reinitializing the system. We have developed programs for calibration, data collection, and automation with documented comment blocks or lines explaining different parts of the program and the logic behind the code. Lastly, we developed user manuals to assist engineers and technicians with the operation of the system and all programs.