In addition to a full complement of traditional analytical capabilities, Excet is the provider of Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) expertise to ECBC.  DART is a revolutionary ion source able to ionize compounds from surfaces, without direct contact, in open air in a matter of a few seconds.  It permits highly sensitive mass spectral detection and identification of most compounds with little or no sample preparation required.  It is particularly sensitive to chemical weapons and explosives.  Our employees are responsible not only for optimizing and proving this promising new technology, but advancing it as well, generating several enhancements which are actively in the process of patent submission.  Their work has produced numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, oral presentations and a book chapter in Forensic Analysis on the Cutting Edge: New Methods for Trace Evidence Analysis.


Excet provides technical support to ECBC’s Laser Standoff Detection programs.  Our research scientists test and collaborate in designing active standoff detection systems with particular emphasis on Raman detection techniques.  Raman spectroscopy is a backscatter phenomenon which provides unique and identifiable ‘fingerprints’ for specific chemical compounds, allowing warfighters to determine identities of chemical, biological and explosive threats reliably at safe distances with no sample preparation or destruction.  Excet staff is involved not only in the evaluation of detection systems but also research at the forefront of new laser detection methods.