Excet provides Research & Development, Test & Evaluation, and Engineering of Corrosion Mechanisms on Various Systems, Materials, Corrosion Control Methodologies and Coatings.  Advanced corrosion control technologies support increased service life of equipment and reduce life cycle maintenance costs, while safeguarding the environment with green technology.

Current contract with the Naval Research Laboratory tasks Excet with developing new coatings and corrosion control technologies for the Navy and Marine Corps, providing full spectrum support of the DoD corrosion control effort.

Excet services provide corrosion control expertise for Department of Defense, Commercial Marine and Industrial facilities / equipment and State and local government facilities / equipment.


  • Turnkey Corrosion Control Solutions
  • Corrosion Engineering and Consultation
  • Corrosion and Coatings Condition Survey, Evaluation and Assessment
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Standards and Specifications Development
  • Material Selection, Design and Testing
  • Corrosion / Coatings Research
  • Pipeline and Storage Tank Surveys
  • Cathodic Protection System Design, Installation and Monitoring
  • Marine Coatings R&D, Formulation, and Evaluation
  • Life Cycle Maintenance Planning Strategies
  • Inspection Services for Preservation Maintenance Projects
  • Third Party Inspection Services
  • Corrosion Control / Preservation Project Management Services
  • Budgetary Cost Estimates for Preservation Projects

Scope of CCSE projects cover a broad range of RDT&E due to the multi-disciplinary interaction of marine engineered systems with the natural environment.  The emphasis revolves around the design and implementation of improved technology for legacy and next generation Naval platforms, but also closely explores the needs of life-cycle extension, improved service life, affordability, condition based maintenance and new technology development and implementation.

Basic Science Level
Study of corrosion mechanisms
Electrochemical systems
Materials degradation and failure analysis, as related to marine physio-chemistry, protection and associated marine systems.

Applied Science Level
Detailed engineering design, development and evaluation of systems:
Cathodic protection
Marine coatings
Materials performance
Fuel cell technology.