Dr. Fye has 16 years’ experience working at the Naval Research Laboratory, initially as a post-doctoral fellow and subsequently as a contractor directly managing research support efforts for branches of the Chemistry Division, including the Center for Corrosion Science and Engineering (CCSE). During this tenure, Dr. Fye worked as both a laboratory and field researcher on physical/analytical chemistry programs and as a program manager running the NRL Operations for GEO-CENTERS and then Excet. Prior to joining Excet, he managed 70 contractor employees and seven contracts at NRL with a total annual revenue on the order of tens of million dollars. With Excet, he has 15 years’ direct experience managing all aspects of R&D contracts for NRL, and has initiated and managed extensive subcontracts and vendors for the CCSE. He interacts with the branch head, section heads, individual researchers, and has great familiarity with current research programs and projects, NRL facilities, intellectual property assets, and collaborations with other agencies and private sector firms. His program management experience includes basic and applied laboratory research, as well as demonstration and evaluation of new technologies. Corrosion research program areas with which he has great familiarity include coatings development, ballast water treatment systems, fuel cell research, and Future Naval Capabilities projects.

Dr. Fye leads the Excet Research and Development Services Division, organized for the optimized execution of contract RDT&E effort for government site laboratories. He is responsible for the execution of contracts; recruiting, employing, developing and supervising research personnel; oversight and administration of subcontract support; and direct interaction with the government COR and designated project leaders. For the past five years, Dr. Fye has placed and supervised personnel at both the Washington and Key West CCSE sites, identified and acquired consultant and subcontractor assistance on NRL programs, and has provided technical assistance and guidance on tasks spanning the entire scope of the current CCSE mission. He also has managed corrosion programs for the USMC and the Naval Sea Systems command. Dr. Fye has developed custom software designed specifically for the organization, execution, and management of complex RDT& E task order contracts.

Dr. Fye received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Allegheny College, and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from Northwestern University.