Excet, Inc. is a sciences and engineering business focused on providing specialized scientific and engineering services to the U.S. Federal Government Agencies and select commercial clients. The firm’s expertise in chemistry, biotechnology, corrosion control, chemical/biological defense, and information technology enhances national security, protects service men and women, helps facilitate homeland security, and ensures efficient execution of the client’s program.

Senior management is comprised of advanced degreed scientists and engineers, each of whom have grown from bench level researchers to broad-based program managers in U.S. Government research laboratories and engineering support facilities over careers spanning decades.

Since its inception in 2005, Excet has expanded its staff of distinguished scientific and engineering experts and continues to attract and retain the best workforce in the field.

Excet was founded in 2005 by scientists and engineers who shared a common desire to perform high quality, technical work in a fast-paced, productive environment.

Excet was founded for two main reasons:

First, our confidence that the marketplace would support and trust a corporation who was honest and delivered the highest quality services at a reasonable price.

Second, our own desire to create a different type of service organization that supplants the classical monolithic corporate organization in which directives are passed down to the “front-line” scientists and engineers. This new structure is more client-focused with the management supporting and empowering the “front-line” scientists and engineers to better serve the needs of the client.

  • The acquisition and retention of talented people is Excet’s primary mission and our single greatest focus.
  • It is critical to appropriately reward the people who contribute to the growth and quality of Excet.
  • The employees who interact with our clients are the most important people in Excet – we are structured to serve those people.
Since its inception, Excet has been comprised of scientists and engineers who worked together within research organizations and the U.S. Department of Defense. Excet recognizes that its success depends on retaining and attracting such high caliber professionals and ensuring their professional development and advancement.

Each employee is encouraged to advance their training and continue education outside of the workplace. In addition to providing opportunities for classroom education, Excet strongly believes in peer-to-peer networking to support the exchange of ideas and promote emerging industry best-practices to supplement classroom technical training.